Hindu Caste/Varna Ideology-the Roots of Nazi Philosophy


The seemingly pagan and esoteric thoughts of the Nazis was not rooted in any madness but in a rational which upheld extreme notions of hierarchy and racial pollution. German Nazi philosophers found their perfect master race model in the Brahmin and Kshatriya supermen of Krishna who claimed to have created the caste/varna system; in the perverted and ruling class Zen-Buddhist warrior model of the Japanese samurai and in the Tibetan elite Buddhism which combined master race warriors in both its perversion of Tantric religion and in the fighting man machine best described in the Tibetan Book of the Dead. To the Nazis Tibetans were long lost Aryans. To the upper caste Hindus Hitler was not less than a Mahatma and the extreme right wing of Hindu society still looks upon Hitler admiringly.

In the book Hitler, Budha Krishna - An unholy alliance from the Third Reich to the present day-Ueberreuter Verlag – Vienna – 2002, Victor and Victoria Trimondi, the above mentioned links have been systematically explored and analysed by the authors. According to the writers of Hitler, Buddha and Krishna:

"The Nazi "myth makers" were especially fascinated by the Far East. It was there - more so than in the cultural roots of Europe - that they hoped to find the foundations of a "political theology", which the gigantic regime which was the Third Reich could use as its metaphysical basis. In the philosophies, mythologies, visions and dogmas as well as in the religious practices and texts of the spiritual traditions Asia had to offer they found the models for glorifying war, for the deification of the "Führer" and the white race. They discovered the spiritual remnants of a long-lost indo-Aryan and anti-Semitic primeval religion which they now wanted to reconstruct in the sign of the swastika. Fascinating portraits of the "Fathers of the Nazi Church"."

 According to the review of this  book at the end of this article:

 ....it came to be doubted that Buddha's ethos of self-­renunciation could possibly be considered "Aryan". Accordingly, Buddhism was assumed to be a degeneration of the genuinely Aryan Vedic religion of Power. Meanwhile the warlike Vedic Aryans had become the pride of certain anti-­British Indian nationalists - after British images of subjugated Indians had attributed to them effeminate qualities and pragmatically irrelevant other­worldliness.

According to the presentation below:

"Heinrich Himmler is said to have always carried a copy of the Bhagavad Gita on his person. He compared Hitler with the god Krishna who features in the poetical work.

The Bhagavad Gita was read like a catechism for the SS. Consequently many of the above-mentioned Nazi ideologues referred continually to this Indian war manual.

The Bhagavad Gita’s philosophy is used by rightwing extremists after the war to legitimise Auschwitz."

Presentation of Hitler, Buddha Krishna

Book review of Hitler, Buddha Krishna

Every major UK city has an overseas branch of the RSS, the fascist Hindu organisation together with a branch of VHP, the political wing of the RSS. These organisations organise and hold weekend functions. In the past the Hindu Council UK has supported the VHP.

A youTube Video on Hinudtva, RSS and their ideological links with Nazis

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